Over the course of my program with CUNY Graduate School of Jouranlism, I've had experience working with DSLR cameras by shooting for both photo and video. I have shot countless amounts of photos for assignments (and also for fun).

I've also had the opportunity to produce two videos using Adobe Premiere's editing software. When it comes to photo/video, shooting is fun, but my skills are stronger when it comes to editing software and structuring stories.

Below is work that I've done using DSLRs.


Cobblercide is a "news-y" style video on the decline of cobblers in New York City. Shooting was done with fellow journalist, Kazi Awal.

The Enchantress of Bioluminosity is a profile of Andrea Beeman, a Middle Eastern style dancer experimenting with bioluminescence from Chelsea, NY. Shooting for this profile was done with fellow journalist, Samantha Lee.