During my program at CUNY I unexpectedly fell in love with concepts of interactive and data-driven journalism.

I have experience working with Adobe Illustrator creating static graphics and have some experience with coding languages. I've worked with HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and d3. I'm also currently learning R.

Below is work that I've developed and visualized.

The Price of Addiction in New York City

The Cost of Addiction is a product of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism published on the NYCity News Service. This project was a group effort that zeroed in on New York City's heroin epidemic. I contributed to the project through being one of three developers of the final interactive package. I also played a part in research and reporting. Find the rest of the project here.

New Yorkers in food deserts lack healthy options

This piece looks at neighborhoods in New York City that are considered food deserts and how they compare to others. The page includes a calculator that takes a person's zip codes and tells them how many options they have for fresh produce in their zip code compared to other areas. Data analyzation for the calculator and development of this page were a joint effort with Kazi Awal. Read the story here.

VYBE: Global Editor's Network hackathon submission

VYBE is an plug-in protoype developed by myself, Kazi Awal and Nicole Lewis that was submitted in the Global Editor's Network 2016 hackathon. VYBE would work as a way to track user sentiment by categorizing news articles with different colors based on how a user felt reading the piece. The plug-in would work like a social sharing button for newsrooms, allowing them to analyze the impact a story made. The presentation from the GNE Hackathon explaining VYBE can be found here and the prototype here.

Manufacturing Lost Millions of Jobs, But How Did It Get There?

This project tracks the loss of manufacuturing jobs over the past 16 years and highlights economic trends that contributed to the decline. For this project I researched, reported, analyzed the data, designed charts with Illustrator, and developed the final package. Find the rest of the project here.

How much does a baby cost?

This piece includes an interactive quiz that takes the cost of various items parents need for newborns over the first year of their lives and compares them to other expensive items and services. I developed the final page for the story and quiz, while reporting was a combined effort with Joanna Purpich. Take the quiz here.

Who sinks or swims in "Sixth Borough" proposals?

This project compares waterfront parks in New York City in neighrborhoods that represent different income levels. For this project I contributed in reporting and developing the final interactive page. A podcast was developed and photos were taken by Zameena Mejia. Read the story here.